Carolyn Moore

Green Party Councillor for Kimmage Rathmines

Public meeting: A Cycling City

Kimmage Rathmines is home to Dublin’s cycling hotspot – the electoral division of Terenure A. The 2022 census revealed this area had the highest share of people who, when asked “How do you usually travel to work, school, college or childcare?” responded “Bicycle” – about 20 percent, as this Dublin Inquirer article outlines. 

The census shows that across the Kimmage Rathmines area, between 11 and 19% of residents are regular, if not daily cyclists, so I want to give an update on Dublin City Council’s active travel plans for our area, including route information, network connectivity and projected timelines for delivery.

Bolstered by unprecedented funding from Minister for Transport Eamon Ryan, Dublin City Council is in the process of growing its ‘walk-wheel-cycle’ active travel network from 10km to a safe, inclusive and connected 310 km network traversing the city and suburbs. This will improve the experience of those already cycling, and give more people the confidence to choose active modes of transport for some or more of their journeys. And even if you never get on a bike, the benefits for everyone include safer, quieter streets; cleaner air; less traffic and reduced transport emissions.

I’ll be joined on the night by guest speakers on liveable communities and sustainable urban planning, so come along and get a feel for how active travel might transform our communities in the years ahead.

What? Public Meeting: A Cycling City – Delivering Dublin’s Walk-Wheel-Cycle active travel network

Where? Terenure Sports Club, 54 Terenure Road North, D6WX265

When? Thursday April 4th, 7.30pm