Carolyn Moore

Green Party Councillor for Kimmage Rathmines

Public Transport: My Dublin Inquirer Voter Guide Response

Q: What needs to be done to improve public transport in the city?

Over the last four years I’ve made some very comprehensive submissions to BusConnects and the Greater Dublin Area Transport Strategy and these outline in great detail my approach to prioritising public transport and making it a safe, accessible, reliable and efficient mode of transport for more people. 

At a national level the Greens have made public transport a priority, massively increasing investment,  funding major projects, green-lighting Metro, and cutting fares by 20% for adults and 60% for young people. Public transport use grew by 25% last year alone, which shows the value of this investment. And while Councillors don’t have direct control over the provision of public transport, we do have some say on the allocation of road space. In the long term the most important thing we can do is advocate for and support public transport projects and infrastructure, but in the short term we need to dedicate more road space to bus lanes so the existing service is reliable and efficient. It isn’t acceptable that a bus with 60 or 80 people on it would be stuck in traffic behind multiple cars carrying just one person, and I strongly support the introduction of camera-based enforcement to act as a deterrent for people using the bus lane (and to prevent red light breaking).  

Improved accessibility of our buses and trains is also key, so that public transport can be an option for everyone, especially older people, people with disabilities, and those traveling with children in buggies. We also need safe, well lit bus stops with seating and reliable real time information as standard.

Dubliners who want to see, use and benefit from an improved public transport service need to elect councillors who will stand up for public transport and not buckle under the extreme pressure exerted by the motoring lobby. We need to work openly, willingly and constructively with the NTA and other bodies who are leading on public transport delivery to ensure the projects, when they come on stream, maximise the opportunity to bring huge benefits to our communities. We also need to ensure network and other changes are well-communicated locally, and that local concerns or issues can be addressed and worked on. It will always be my position that a better public transport system is to be welcomed, but that won’t stop me pushing for maximum safety for people walking and cycling, greening and public realm improvements, and traffic calming.