Carolyn Moore

Green Party Councillor for Kimmage Rathmines

Update on Bus Network Redesign – Route S4

At a meeting last week of the Terenure West Residents’ Association, it was brought to my attention that on Sunday November 26th, the route 17 will be replaced with the new S4 route. Committee members were concerned that a) this hasn’t been locally communicated and b) it leaves residents without a public transport link to Rathfarnham, Nutgrove and Dundrum.

On contacting the NTA this week I was assured that an information booklet will be sent to all households in areas affected by this change, and that any journey a person can make today, they will still be able to make on or after the 26th, albeit with some changes. I will be attending a briefing for Oireachtas members and local councillors and will update this post as more information becomes available, but for now please find above the NTA’s information booklet and if you are affected by this change and have any specific questions please let me know.

Response from NTA

As you are aware, phase 5b of the BusConnects Network redesign in Dublin will commence on the 26th November 2023. Phase 5b involves an increase in the region of 70% in service levels which makes it one of the most significant changes under the Network Redesign to date. The Network redesign was finalised following three rounds of public consultations which culminated in over 72,000 submissions being received. Information booklets are being delivered to households in the areas that are affected by the launch of this phase and an extensive media and public relations campaign has begun. More information which includes the new routes, the routes being replaced and the interchange options regarding the launch of this phase of BusConnects is also available at the link below;

In respect of your specific queries regarding the changes under this phase of BusConnects, the following is worth noting;

UCD will be served by new orbital routes S4 and S6. (Other existing routes such as the 39a, 46a, 145 and 155 will continue to run).

  • Route S4 will run approximately every 10 minutes and route S6 approximately every 15 minutes. Current orbital service 17 runs approximately every 20 minutes with some additional peak journeys. Route 175 runs approximately every 20-30 minutes.
  • Route S4 provides a direct connection via Clonskeagh to Milltown (for the Luas Green Line) and then to Rathgar and Terenure (for connections with high-frequency services on routes 14, 15, 15a, 15b and 16). These connections are either new or much more direct than current route 17 which loops southward between UCD and Terenure. Route S4 then continues via Crumlin to Ballyfermot and Liffey Valley.
  • Route S6 continues to provide the connection to Dundrum, but at higher frequency than route 175, then onward via Rathfarnham to give new direct connections with Templeogue and Firhouse Road and on to Tallaght.

Whilst some areas may lose a direct connection, it is important to note that there are more connections overall, more direct and at higher frequency (and, in some cases, brand new services) that will appeal to people who had previously considered bus but were deterred by indirect routings or lower frequencies. Overall service levels on orbital routes to and from UCD are set to increase significantly under these changes. Currently at inter-peak times with routes 17 and 175, there is a total of about five services an hour in each direction. With S4 and S6, that will double to about 10.

It should be noted that many communities will now benefit from a direct connection to UCD for the first time. On the S4, these include Long Mile Road, Crumlin Hospital, Ballyfermot, Cherry Orchard, Rathgar and Milltown. On the S6, these include Firhouse Road, Cherryfield and Templeogue. Areas which up to now, had a direct connection to UCD but which will require an interchange from Nov 26th include Citywest, Ballyboden, Knocklyon and parts of Firhouse.

Where an interchange is now needed, the option of changing between S4 or S6 and one of the high-frequency corridors (routes 14, 15/a/b and 16) may be the best option if there are convenient stops for those services nearby. More details regarding interchange options is available at the link provided above on the Transport for Ireland website.

Regarding changes under this phase of BusConnects and the connections to IADT, please note the following;

IADT on Kill Avenue Dun Laoghaire is currently served by routes 46a and 75. From 26th November the 46a will be the only service that runs along Kill Avenue. A bus journey to IADT from the likes of Tallaght and Knocklyon will involve taking the S8 as far as the N11 and Newtownpark Avenue junction, and interchanging there to the 46a.Route S8 will run approximately every 20 minutes on weekdays and the 46a runs approximately every 8 minutes.